MBK Tape Solutions is super proud of our three college graduates, Rosie, Madison and Yessenia, who have worked at MBK diligently while pursuing their higher education at CSUN, California State University Northridge. Keeping with safety protocols, MBK celebrated their accomplishments with cupcakes for those working at the facility and a team conference call with our staff working remotely.
Each employee had a wonderful story to share.


My sash is a dedication to my major and my family. Liberal Studies has helped me to improve my knowledge, confidence and brought awareness into my life.

Aspire to Inspire,” is dedicated to my future classroom where I hope to bring together different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities.

Graduating is special to me, because it is a day where it allows me to freely cry and laugh at the same time for all those late nights that were dedicated to school. It is a day dedicated to my hard work, a day where my family and friends gather together to celebrate my accomplishments.

Thank you MBK Tape Solutions for your support during my journey ♥


Deaf Studies and the field of Communication has been a big part of my life for a long time. As I progressed in my studies, I realized the importance of accessibility for the Deaf and other Marginalized Communities, and shifted my focus to learn the business side of things, and how the business world can be more inclusive to these communities.

Graduating is very special to me because I’ve always been told to “enjoy the little things” but this is a big thing that can be enjoyed by friends and family together. One degree down, more to go!!!

Thank you MBK for supporting and encouraging us students 😊


Graduating was special to me because in the time span of college I saw myself blossom into the young adult I am today. I learned that to grow you must start somewhere just like business and that intrigued me the most.

My sash was dedicated to my parents. I come from Mexican parents and grandparents and they have always taught us that education is the most valuable thing you can treasure in America, so this one’s for them “who came with nothing and gave me everything.” (Para mis padres’ que llegaron sin nada pero me lo dieron todo.)

Thank you to MBK and the wonderful team who always encouraged me and helped me through the last few years of this achievement!

CONGRATULATIONS! Our hats are off to you!

MBK encourages our employees to continually self improve and to do their best. To join the MBK team, contact MBK Tape Solutions at or call at 818-998-1477.


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