MBK Tape Solutions is pleased to announce that we achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for the upcoming year, effective May 4, 2020-2021. By keeping the ISO certificate up to date, it shows that MBK is committed to quality management and continual improvement, while providing our customers with consistent quality products and exceptional customer support.

ISO, the International Organization of Standardization, specifies requirements for quality management standards of all industries. The current standard, ISO 9001:2015, provides a process-oriented approach, emphasizing continual improvement of an organization. The main goal of quality management is to deliver services that meet the customer’s needs and expectations. To ensure quality management, the strategy stresses positive leadership, hiring competent team members, establishing quality objectives at all levels, providing training and tools for success, developing and deploying efficient processes, tracking and analyzing results at every step, and making further improvements as needed. To sustain success, collaborate relationships between the employees, suppliers and customers is paramount.

We want to be your trusted partner, and this ISO certificate assures that we meet quality management standards and stick to our word.

PDF Download, MBK-Tape-Solutions-ISO-9001-2015-Certificate-2020-21

Learn more about our Quality Management System, visit our website

MBK Tape Solutions helps design and manufacture adhesive tape component parts and products for almost all industries, including medical, electronics, fenestration, displays, aerospace, to name a few. Capabilities include die cutting, laminating, printing, clean room manufacturing and packaging. Contact MBK by email, or call 818-998-1477.


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