Mactac Medical & Industrial TapesDemonstrating integrity, innovation, and excellence, Mactac recognizes MBK Tape Solutions as a value-added converting partner.  Over the years, we have collaborated on solutions and converted their pressure-sensitive materials used in graphics, medical and industrial markets.

As a Channel Partner, MBK has access to Mactac’s full line of medical and industrial tape products. With new products and technologies introduced every day, MBK has Mactac’s technical expertise and analytical services to assist with demanding design requirements. Call MBK at 818-998-1477 today for all your converting needs!

About Mactac: For over 60 years, Mactac has been a recognized leader in pressure-sensitive tape solutions. A leader in adhesive formulation and coating technology, Mactac offers high-performance solutions for medical, appliance, building and construction, and general industrial applications. Mactac’s unique acrylic and rubber adhesives provide a multitude of performance benefits. They are committed to sustainability and have developed a line of environmentally friendly products including bio-based materials, low VOC acrylic, and 100% solvent-free acrylic adhesives.



Mactac offers an expansive product portfolio. MBK stocks a variety of Mactac products, including single and double coated tapes for medical and industrial applications, all ready to help you design and custom manufacture your component part or finished good. If you do not see an item listed in the MBK catalog, please do not hesitate to request information via email or phone.


Mactac IB5121-72, Differential Double Coated Polyester TapeMactac’s RESPONSE UV Acrylic Adhesive Products are uniquely adapted for use in diagnostic device applications. Due to the VOC free, non-migratory, low outgassing nature and low chemical activity RESPONSE adhesives are less likely to interfere with the delicate assay chemistries used in diagnostic devices, unlike current solvent acrylic adhesive.

Applications include: Microfluidic devices, Lateral Flow Testers, Urinalysis Strips, Microarray, Fluorescence Based Diagnostics, PCR applications, Micro-titer plate. 

Mactac IB5121-72, Differential Double Coated Polyester TapePermanent Removable Tape – Mactac’s IB5121-72 offers clean removal from most high-energy surfaces, excellent for flooring applications, promotional signage mounting, shelf marking applications and POP displays.