logo of 3M Preferred Converter Partner in red, black and gold fontSince 1990, MBK Tape Solutions has been recognized as a 3M Preferred Converter, the highest level attainable for an adhesive converter by 3M. This honor is granted to companies that consistently exceed others in quality, capabilities, experience, and customer service. We are proud of this recognition and will continue to strive to provide friendly service, quick response time, and on-time delivery of cost-effective engineered products.

MBK is also recognized as a trusted 3M partner in the medical industry. As a Platinum 3M Medical Materials and Technologies Preferred Converter, MBK utilizes 3M materials to create custom medical component parts and end-user products.

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From prototype to production to delivery, MBK works with our customers to meet their unique needs. Our converting capabilities include multi-layer laminating, slitting rolls into custom widths and lengths, and die-cutting both simple shapes and complex component parts. We are ISO 9001 certified, FDA registered, and offer Class 8 Cleanroom processing and packaging.


Our partnership with 3M provides MBK with exclusive benefits but more importantly helps enhance the strength, appearance, and performance of your design, creating a better and more competitive product. Other advantages include:

  • Expertise: 3M offers exceptional training and support to our employees, and in turn, we are able to assist in finding the best material for your specific application.
  • Innovation: Known for its innovation and material technology, MBK has immediate access to the latest and greatest 3M products on the market.
  • Turnaround: MBK stocks hundreds of rolls of 3M tapes and materials, which allows us to create parts faster. We also receive favorable lead times on orders, which we extend to our customers.
  • Cost Efficiency: By buying 3M materials in bulk on a regular basis, MBK can provide you with competitive pricing for your project.

To learn more about 3M benefits, please read the MBK blog.

About 3M: 3M, a global diversified technology company, is one of the most recognizable, trusted brands in the world, known for their adhesive technology, innovation, and quality products. Their products are sold in nearly 200 countries, serving customers and communities with over 55,000 innovative products and services.


3M portfolio consists of an array of different types of adhesive tape products for industrial, medical, electronic, and consumer markets. MBK stocks a variety of 3M bonding solutions including transfer tapes, films, foams, VHB tapes and release liners. In addition, we specialize in converting 3M medical-grade adhesive-backed materials for medical devices, wearables, and other stick-to-skin applications.


3M Converter Partner Video / Why Use a Tape Converter?


As 3M’s converter partner, MBK helps provide cost-effective tape solutions for almost all industries. By cutting and laminating, the tape product can become more durable, lighter, thinner, or aesthetically more pleasing. Slitting rolls and adding finger tabs provides ease of assembly and cuts waste and cost. Working together, MBK and 3M will find the best tape product to meet your requirements.

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Every application has its challenges. Double-sided tapes offer durability, improved aesthetics, increased speed, and reduced cost for assembly and manufacturing. In this brochure, learn about specific application examples in different industrial markets.

3M Medical Device Designer OEM White Paper


Medical grade pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) are widely used in all areas of health care. Selecting the right adhesive is critical to the success of new medical devices and wearable applications. This paper compares data relevant to the performance of the PSA tape in specific applications.

3M Medical Device Designer OEM White Paper


Introducting skin-friendly, silicone adhesive technology for use in the design of manufacturing of medical devices. This brochure lists typical features and benefits of using silicone adhesives. 3M Silicone Adhesive Tape Portfolio is also included.