In the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape converting industry, paper and film release liners are a critical component in the manufacturing process and the end-product application.  Release liners protect the adhesive from contamination and act as a delivery system.  They are used for their consistent ease of removal, cleanliness, and die-cuttability.  By slitting, scoring, or adding extended liners or pull tabs to the liner, converters can make the product quicker to assemble during manufacturing and easier for the finished product to be applied.

As a Boyd company, we have access to Boyd’s Material Science portfolio and their materials supply partners. We source label and face-stock printing materials for printing graphics. Other flexible materials that we convert include filter screens, cork, tubing, magnetic tape, and more. Commodity products used in the shop or shipping departments such as adhesive sprays, lubricants, and cleaners are also listed.

Please visit the online catalog to learn more about our assortment of release liners and other miscellaneous materials and their specifications. MBK will help design and manufacture customized release liners and other flexible materials to best meet your needs.  Contact us today!

Close up of rolls of paper, and film Release Liners.


MBK Tape Solutions stocks both paper and film release liners, in several different constructions and weights to meet various process requirements in the pressure-sensitive adhesive industry.

  • Paper Liners include Densified Kraft (DK), also referred to as Super Calendered Kraft (SCK), Polycoated Kraft Paper (PCK), or Glassine Paper.
  • Film Liners are available in polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene (BOPP).

Both paper and film liners are typically coated with a silicone-based adhesive on one or both sides for ease of release.

Selecting the release liner substrate is often based on properties such as caliper, smoothness, stiffness, tensile, heat and moisture resistance, dimensional stability, and die cuttability. MBK will help design the right release liner for your needs.

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Close up of a nylon and stainless steel mesh Filter Screen material on paper cores.


Filter Screens are a durable mesh material that allows for air ventilation while minimizing outside elements, often used in the construction, industrial and electronic industries. Available in nylon and stainless-steel mesh material and in different wire mesh sizes.

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Rolls of PVC and polyolefin Tubing used for insulation and wire protection.


Tubing & Sleeving is available in polyolefin and PVC materials, heat shrinkable & non-shrinkable. Used to bundle wires, provide electrical insulation, or protect wires and components from abrasion.

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MBK Tape Solutions stocks a variety of materials for printing graphics and other media, used in labels and wide format media. MBK considers temperature extremes, moisture, sunlight, and legibility requirements.

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Close up of a roll of cork material.


Cork is an impermeable, buoyant, elastic and fire-resistant material. Sheets or rolls of cork can be laminated with an adhesive and used for cushioning, sound dampening, and insulating in buildings, offices, and as a spacecraft heat shield.

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Roll of black magnetic tape.


Rolls and sheets of magnet tape are available uncoated or with adhesive on one side and magnetism on the other side. It is used for mounting on a metallic surface, ideal for craft projects, lightweight decorations, labels, and displays.

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For over 50 years, MBK has provided component manufacturing and converting services to a wide variety of industries. We are ISO certified and a 3M Preferred Industrial and Medical Tape Converter.

MBK and Boyd engineers will source the best materials for your application and design for manufacturing considering performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Our extensive converting capabilities include custom adhesive lamination, die-cutting, slitting, printing, and much more. Materials can be converted with or without adhesive, in nearly any size, shape, or configuration, supplied on rolls, sheets, or individualized pieces.

Boyd has many strategic locations around the world.  As a result, we are able to offer manufacturing redundancy, scalability, and fast delivery. From prototyping and testing through full-scale production, MBK makes for an ideal partner at every stage of your product cycle. Contact our tape specialists today by calling 818-998-1477 or request a quote for your next project.