Foams and foam tapes are versatile cellular materials. Foam is a compressible, resilient, lightweight material created by trapping pockets of air within a natural or synthetic solid such as acrylic, polyethylene, urethane, polyurethane (Poron®), rubber (neoprene, EPDM, SBR), or vinyl.


Foams are typically divided into two categories: open cell and closed cell. Open-cell foams feature cell walls that are not completely encapsulated, and are therefore open to the surrounding media, making them more flexible and porous. Closed-cell foams, on the other hand, consist of cells that completely encapsulate the air within, establishing a more sturdy and waterproof foam material.

Both open and closed-cell foams come in a vast range of chemistries, densities, thicknesses, and additional properties to help meet specific product requirements.  Each foam material offers unique benefits, including temperature resistance between -40°F up to 300°F, moisture resistance, UV resistance, and chemical resistance to a variety of solvents. The flexibility of adhesive-backed foam tapes also allows them to tightly bond to a variety of surfaces while compensating for different thermal expansions.

Video about different types of open and closed cell foams and their applications.


We offer a variety of foam and foam tapes for a number of industries.


Both open and closed cell foams are used in a variety of adhesive applications, including mountings, gaskets, seals, weather-stripping, and padding. Typically, closed-cell foams are more suited for sealing applications, whereas, open-celled foams are better for damping applications.  Foams’ versatility makes them the go-to adhesive option for sealing and bonding applications in numerous industries, including automotive, industrial, medical, HVAC, and construction.


MBK Tape Solutions sources and stocks adhesive tapes from quality tape manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world, including 3M, Novagard, Rogers, Tesa, and more. Please visit the online catalog for product details and to learn more about our range of adhesive tape products.

MBK manufactures, fabricates, and converts foams and foam tapes into customized sizes, shapes, and configurations. We use quality materials and state-of-the-art converting equipment to ensure you have the perfect foam tape solution for your application.

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3M rolls of Acrylic Foam Tapes in different widths.


Acrylic Foam, often referred to as VHB Foam Tapes, offer outstanding visco-elastic characteristics and excellent resistance to many environmental elements, such as sunlight, ozone, temperature, and water, making it ideal for long-lasting, ultra-high-end, or extreme outdoor bonding applications. Available from .015″ to .125″ thickness and in clear, white, gray, and black.

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Black, white and blue rolls of Polyethylene Foam Tapes.


Polyethylene Foam is a moderately strong and resilient closed-cell foam. Ideally, it is suited for indoor applications requiring shock absorption, insulation, cushioning, vibration, and sound dampings such as in the packaging, aerospace, floatation, recreation, construction, and appliance industries. In addition, it is a widely used foam for stick-to-skin and medical device applications.

Foam sheets and rolls are available plain, or with acrylic or rubber adhesive in different thicknesses, densities, and colors. Foams available at MBK Tape include:

  • Micro-cellular Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam – also known as EVA
  • Chemically Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam – also known as PEX, has the capacity to protect class “A” surfaces
  • Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam – offers superior physical and chemical properties.
  • Volara® Polyethylene Foam – Sekisui™ Voltek™ brand of archival quality irradiation, fine-celled cross-linked polyethylene foam known for low water absorption and vapor transmission.
  • Minicel® Polyethylene Foam – Sekisui™ Voltek™ brand of extremely fine-celled, chemically crosslinked foam, used when the thicker foam is required.

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A gray roll of Sponge Rubber/Neoprene, EPDM, SBR Blended Foam Tape with liner.


Sponge Rubber Foams are closed-cell products that are flexible and compressible, often used for long-lasting indoor/outdoor applications; sealing, gasketing, insulating, and weather stripping. Sponge Rubber Foam rolls and sheets are available plain or with acrylic or rubber adhesive in various colors, thicknesses, and densities. Often referred to as:

  • Neoprene Foam – chemical resistant
  • EPDM Foam – UV ozone resistant
  • SBR Foam – abrasive resistant
  • EPDM/SBR Blended Foam – a combination of features
  • EPT Ethylene Propylene Terpolymer – often blended with Neoprene or SBR offering fungus resistance

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Black rolls and square sheets of Urethane Foam Tapes.


Urethane Foam can be open or closed cell, used for gaskets, insulating, cushioning, sealing, and sound dampening. Urethane Foam sheets are available plain or with acrylic or rubber adhesive in various thicknesses and densities. Often referred to as:

  • Microcellular Urethane Foam – closed-cell foam
  • Polyurethane (PU) – open-cell foam reticulated or non-reticulated
  • Polyurethane Ester Foam – open-cell foam used for shock absorption and chemical resistance
  • Polyurethane Ether Foam – open-cell foam used in indoor environments
  • PORON® Urethane Foams – Rogers Corporation brand of high-performance microcellular foams offering low compression and low outgassing

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Gray and black rolls of Vinyl Foam Tapes in different thickness.


Vinyl Foam Tapes are closed cell foams that are chemically resistant and low cost, used as gaskets to seal out light, air, dust, and noise. Available with or without adhesive and various densities, Low Density LD (5-10#), Medium Density MD (11-15#) and High-Density HD (16-25#). Often referred to as:

  • PVC Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Foam
  • EVA Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam
  • Vinyl Nitrile Foam – generally of low density, resistant to oils and other fluids
  • PVC/NBR Vinyl Nitrile Foam
  • Cling Foam – used to hold in place without adhesive

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Close up of a black foam tape with white release liner.


Upon request, MBK Tape Solutions is able to acquire the following foam tapes for your product or project. Speak to our team if you require any of the following:

  • Butyl Foam: A rubber foam highly resistant to UV radiation, moisture, and aging
  • Ensolite Foams: Energy-absorbent foam with high insulative properties that is extremely resistant to moisture and corrosive chemicals.
  • Nitrile Vinyl Foam: A durable closed cell that blends vinyl and Nitrile foam, often used for vibration dampening and shock absorption.
  • Polyester Foam: A rigid foam with high tensile strength and resistance to corrosive gases.
  • Polyether Foam: A light, flexible foam with low thermal conductivity, good insulative properties, and high energy absorption.
  • Polyimide Foam / Solimide® Boyd Brand – a non-flammable, lightweight, open-cell foam that is ideal for acoustic and thermal insulation applications.
  • Polystyrene Foam: An inert and highly durable foam with excellent thermal insulation and water resistance.
  • Polyolefin Foam: A lightweight and flexible foam with high thermal insulation and resistance, excellent impact resistance, and flame resistance.
  • Silicone Sponge: A highly versatile foam with broad operating temperatures that are resistant to water, compression, UV, and ozone.

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For more than five decades, MBK Tape Solutions has been a leading provider of converting services for customers in every industry. We are ISO certified and a 3M Preferred Industrial and Medical Tape Converter. The MBK and Boyd engineers will source the best foams, adhesives, and tapes for your application and design for manufacturing considering performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.  All our products can be converted with or without adhesive, in nearly any size, shape, or design, on rolls, sheets, or individualized pieces.

MBK’s converting capabilities include die-cutting, multi-layer laminating, custom slitting, printing, and much more. As a Boyd company, we have expanded our global footprint to three continents, ensuring material availability, manufacturing scalability and redundancy, and regional responsiveness. From prototyping and testing through full-scale production, MBK makes for an ideal partner at every stage of your product cycle.

For more information, contact our experts by calling 818-998-1477, or if you would like a sample or quote, please complete the form request a quote.