MBK Tape Solutions is ISO certified and committed to the quality assurance manufacturing process and management systems. To assure consistent reliable quality products and outstanding services, we comply with requirements and ccontinuously strive for improvement and innovation.

Picking the right company to manufacture your product is critical. MBK stands out as a trusted partner with over 50 years of experience designing tape applications and converting those tapes and flexible materials. Learn about some of the management systems we use to ensure quality products and outstanding service to our customers.


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ISO 9001 Certification

MBK Tape Solutions is ISO 9001 Certified and continuously strives to improve our Quality Management Systems (QMS). Each year, a registrar audits our company to assure that we consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Download the ISO- 9001-2015- Certificate-2022-2023

Quality Management Policies
With MBK’s quality control management, you can have the confidence that you will receive a consistent and reliable product. All orders are quality guaranteed, and our quality system begins at the first point of inquiry. We begin with process review, order entry, and contract review, first article, then production and shipping.

  • Incoming materials are carefully inspected, tagged, and dated, maintaining the highest manufacturing standards for complete product traceability.
  • An on-site testing facility helps uncover potential problems before they happen.
  • With our state-of-the-art Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), we can easily accomplish statistical controls and the first article reports when needed to provide detailed documentation.

Read more about our ISO 9001 Quality Policy and Objectives


The Vertex Multi-Sensor Measurement System

The Vertex Multi-Sensor Measurement System
The Micro-Vu, Vertex Multi-Sensor Measurement System implements the newest technologies.

  • Automated precision high resolutions digital measuring system down to the micron
  • Makes for easy first article and process reporting

The Web Rewind Inspection System

Web Rewind Inspection System
Used for winding master rolls of die cut parts into smaller rolls whilst inspecting and weeding out any defective parts.

  • Synchronized strobe inspection
  • Missing part and splice detection
  • Deionization for static control


graphic of ERP Software - E2 MFG SystemERP Software – E2 MFG System
MBK Tape Solutions utilizes the ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, software system to manage and streamline the complexities of the shop and inventory. The E2 Manufacturing System provides the flexibility to access all the information needed to run the business more efficiently, including estimating, orders, purchasing, scheduling, data collection, quality control, shipping, and accounting.

  • The E2 software helps with the documentation for quality management.
  • The E2 system assures 100% traceability and document control.

To learn more about the E2 MFG system, click here.