MBK Tape Solutions is honored to help support our U.S. Veterans by giving construction tape products to the non-profit organization, Homes 4 Families. MBK donated rolls of masking tape, colored vinyl marking tape, electrical tape, aluminum foil tape and duct tape to the Veteran affordable housing development project being built in the City of Palmdale, a Los Angeles community.

Linda Katz, a board member of Homes 4 Families, kindly requested adhesive materials for their housing projects and we were more than happy to contribute. After learning more about this organization, we will wholeheartedly continue to do our part in keeping our veterans and their families safe and healthy. Thank you to all the Veterans who have served us in times of unrest and uncertainty.


It is with sincere appreciation that I have the honor to thank MBK Tape Solutions for their generous donation of construction tapes to Homes 4 Families, a non-profit organization that I am extremely proud to be one of their Board members.


Homes 4 Families empowers low-income veterans and their families to enter the middle class through affordable, full-equity home ownership combined with holistic services that build resilience, self-sufficiency and economic growth. The non-profit provides veterans, service members, and their families with services that equip them to succeed in civilian life, including financial education, therapeutic trauma-informed workshops, services for military children, and veteran-to veteran support.

Life is full of delightful treasures, and MBK’s generosity has proven to be one of them.


Linda Katz

Board of Directors

Homes 4 Families


MBK stocks jumbo rolls of adhesive tapes, films, foams and other flexible materials for the building and construction market. At our facility, we slit the rolls or sheets to standard and custom sizes according to the customers needs. To learn more about construction tape products and our converting capabilities, visit the MBK website or call to speak with a sales representative at 818-998-1477.


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