Though 2020 was a year full of challenges, it was also a year of insight and opportunities. Being a medical tape converter, we stayed open for business while adhering to CDC guidelines. Our employees and vendors worked tirelessly to provide converting services and products to our customers. We supplied materials and fully assembled PPE face shields to customers, other manufacturers as well as to the community at large.

We would be amiss if we did not recognize that MBK’s success is attributed to all our hardworking employees, knowledgeable vendors and loyal customers. Thank you.


From the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, MBK implemented safety protocols for their employees. Co-workers were physically distanced; moving desks or offices, enclosing work areas, working remotely and modifying schedules. We required wearing masks or shields and installed an automatic temperature reader to document health status. Our employees safety and health are a priority.


To accommodate our growth in the medical arena, we purchased new equipment, added portable cleanrooms and expanded our warehouse. With the additional 20,000 feet of warehouse space, we can store more materials on hand, ready for converting. We are always looking at ways to improve our quality, this year we’ve incorporated additional measuring systems.


With growth, comes reorganization. We promoted personnel and hired many new skilled employees including; Gevorg, a Tooling and Design manager, Erika, a Customer Care Coordinator, Vu, Shop Floor Supervisor and several machine operators and packagers.

Employee promotions include: In production, Marcelo develops the travelers and supervises machine operators, Jesus supervises the cleanroom, schedule orders, set up machines and trains all the new machine operators. Ofri is learning the ropes in both customer service and sales. Thank you all for being flexible and taking on additional responsibilities.

Congrats to our managers, Carlos in Sales, Peter in Customer Service, Jaymin in Quality Assurance and Jonathan in Operations for stepping up within the MBK organization and doing their best to serve our customers. Many thanks to our managers and human resource department who worked in overdrive to implement all the personnel changes, especially amongst all the COVID challenges.

Thank You

Many thanks to our innovative, flexible and dedicated team of employees who made the most of a difficult situation and our partners who went through hoops to provide needed materials for our customers. Most of all, we are grateful for our loyal customers who have trusted us with their business. It’s been a challenging year and we appreciate all that you’ve done to make this year successful.


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